Urban Gratitude: Finding Grace Amidst Challenges

Journeying through the heart of cities, discovering the essence of gratitude.

Water Crisis in Bengaluru City

In a recent discourse on the water crisis plaguing Bengaluru, journalist Faye D’Souza posed a poignant question: “Isn’t it embarrassing?” Similarly, in the realm of our nation’s development, it’s worth asking ourselves, “Aren’t we being unrealistic?”

The juxtaposition is stark: employees of multinational corporations in Bengaluru clamor for the luxuries of modern living—weekends off, instant access to goods in a matter of minutes to upscale accommodations, from breweries to cutting-edge technology. Meanwhile, the city grapples with fundamental challenges like water scarcity, an issue that has persisted over the years.

While analyzing the causes of the issue at hand, it is essential to refrain from assigning blame and instead focus on constructive solutions. The lack of basic amenities like water supply is a sensitive matter. It is imperative to recognize the fundamental importance of water as sustenance for life. Each urban center grapples with its unique set of challenges; Mumbai’s bustling streets undergoing constant construction stand as a testament to resilience.

As I extend a warm welcome to newcomers in Bengaluru, I am reminded of the hospitality I’ve received in cities like Hyderabad and Mumbai. Let us pause to express gratitude to our cities. Hyderabad, where I recall precious moments with family and friends. Mumbai has imparted invaluable lessons in resilience. And Bengaluru, my cherished hometown, enveloped by nature’s beauty, instills in me the virtues of kindness and fortitude that shape my character.

In moments of reflection, I am reminded of the profound connection between gratitude and spirituality. Indeed, thankfulness is a form of prayer. As we navigate the intricacies of urban life, let us not forget the significance of gratitude. Our cities are not just locales; they are treasures of shared experiences and aspirations.

At Creative Jii Training, we are committed to being proactive. As an expression of gratitude toward your city, we encourage taking actionable steps. Here’s how you can contribute:

A selfie of the author, Gittanjali C Kalro, at Cubbon Park in Bengaluru to share on social media.
  1. Follow the provided link to access Canva.
  2. Choose your photo with your city in the background (or use a photo from Google with a Creative Commons license)
  3. Add a heartfelt ‘Thank You’ message to the image.
  4. Download the completed image from Canva.
  5. Share your ‘Gratitude for #City’ post on social media, along with the image.

As we celebrate Holi, let us imbibe the spirit of gratitude, expressing our appreciation for the cities that shape our lives. Through words spoken and shared on social platforms, let us convey our heartfelt thanks, fostering a culture of appreciation amidst the urban tapestry of our nation.

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