Introduction to Soft Skills for Better Careers

Becoming a Respected Professional Through Soft Skills for Beginners

Duration: 1 Day/6 Hours
Beginner Level


course components

  • Power of Communication
  • Voice & Body Language
  • What is ‘Mutual Respect’?
  • Manage Expectations
  • EQ and IQ
  • What is ‘Leadership’?

Course Brief

Our education system places high importance on hard skills, soft skills create ease in working and better work environments.

It is important to know how to navigate through an office with effectiveness so that both the employee and the company may gain from these skills.

Through major skills like effective communication, time management and teamwork, employees can increase their productivity and that of the company.

With soft skills like communication, a two-hour meeting can be summarized in a well-written email, instead of team members working on their own, effective teamwork reduces the load and brings faster results. The benefits of soft skills are endless, but most importantly it helps create a healthy work culture.

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