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Creative Jii is about using creative thinking and business understanding to aid people, teams and companies, and transform destinies.

With qualified and experienced trainers, we aim to provide holistic transformation journeys that will empower individuals to be mindful professionals.

The heart of Creative Jii's mission is to understand that people are the most important part of any organization's success. When vision and product/service are in place, it's the individuals within a company who truly make things happen. Creative Jii has a unique and innovative way of training and developing people, helping them reach their full potential, and making the organization successful.

Creative Jii has a great track record, working with over 250+ people, and we have a lot of happy customers from 4 sectors like colleges, government organizations, small businesses, and big corporations. Creative Jii's experiential training programs combined with global management concepts are designed to help people grow, making sure that organizations can keep up with the fast-paced changes happening in the world.

Our clientele consistently awards us a rating of 4.9 out of 5 for our training sessions and delivery thereof. Our motto is to Provide Impact and Deliver Transformation for Business Success. 



Our Services

Explore curated courses, plug-and-play engagements, digital training solutions, and personalized coaching tailored to your company's aspirations. Elevate your Business Skills, Soft Skills, and Personality Development to new heights and embark on your journey to success today!


Plug-and-Play Corporate Training

We offer comprehensive engagement plans tailored to fit your needs from 50+ program on a quarterly, half-yearly, and annual basis. Monthly programs are meticulously designed for various levels: freshers, mid-level executives, senior managers, and organizational leaders.

Curated Leadership Programs

Our Leadership programs are project-based engagements which are focused on achieving objectives and overcoming challenges for C-suite executives, managers and sales force development. We provide targeted solutions to address specific needs of the organization. This engagement style is particularly effective for companies in the midst of expanding their workforce.


Our personalized coaching services cover areas such as Business Growth, Public Speaking, and Career Transition. We offer one-on-one guidance to help individuals achieve their professional goals effectively. We adhere to the coaching standards set by the International Coach Federation (ICF) and maintain strict confidentiality throughout the engagement process.

Digital Training Solutions

We are dedicated to crafting digital solutions for cutting-edge programs. Your continual learning and skill enhancement are paramount to us. Our trainers stand ready to impart knowledge whether you are engaging online, in hybrid settings, or through blended learning.

Our Courses


Want to lead with impact? Explore strategies to cultivate a culture of trust and collaboration within your team today!

Communication Skills

Ready to be a communication powerhouse? Discover the secrets to active listening and empathetic communication now!

Presentation Skills

Step into the spotlight! How do you craft presentations that leave a lasting impression and inspire action?

Public Speaking

Ready to own the stage? Conquer nerves and exude confidence as you step into the spotlight of public speaking success!

Body Language

Ready to command the room? Align your body language with your verbal prowess and leave a lasting impression on every interaction!

Sales & Negotiation

Want to close deals like a pro? Explore strategies to uncover needs and address concerns, turning negotiations into triumphs!




Saniya Saxena

Interior designer
Gitanjali, you came into my life as a mentor when I least expected one. When we first started working together, I never imagined that I could make as much progress as I have made now. You had guided me to get over a lot of mental blocks and move ahead in my professional life. Thank you for all your invaluable guidance!


I'm now placed at MOSSADAMS LLP with a package of 6L. Thank you for your support motivation and the techniques that you taught us, ma'am 🙏🏼😊

Tecnicas Reunidas

The workshop was outstanding, and the trainers were truly exceptional. I couldn't have wished for a better experience.

Tecnicas Reunidas

Just want to say thank you to the entire team of creative jii for designing such an amazing training module !!

Why choose us?

Fostering Action and High Performance

Encourage active participation and involvement, inspiring individuals to take ownership of their learning journey


Employing before-and-after assessments to transparently demonstrate progress and success.

Reduced Iteration Rate

Innovative Learning Approaches

Cultural Transformation

Celebrating Achievement

Achieving a reduced iteration rate through meticulously crafted, process-driven training methodologies, ensuring maximum return on investment.
Utilizing experiential and innovative methods to simplify complex subjects and drive understanding.
Instilling a culture of continuous learning and coaching to foster robust team development and accelerate business growth.
Recognize and celebrate successes, fostering a culture of achievement and motivating participants to consistently deliver their best performance.