Public Speaking for Leadership

Speeches, Talks and Presentations that Spur One Billion People into Action

Duration: 3 Days/18 Hours
Leadership Role


course components

  • What Must the Leader Speak About?
  • How to Inspire the Indifferent and Inactive?
  • Power of Truth and Honesty
  • Leadership Characteristics
  • Maintaining a Sense of Self
  • Owning a Room
  • Group Work
  • Planning your Presentation

Course Brief

This course is aimed at helping leaders to inspire her/his division to take ownership and action, and understand themselves to best perform in a crisis.

In the regular working of companies, the need to speak to the entire division reduces as all the necessary steps for a business to run get delegated. Employees and executives tend to forget larger goals and company value. A leader comes in to remind them, see new reason in the mundane, and aim higher.

At the heart of being a human, we all want to be productive and energetic. Our course aims to inspire that very emotion with logic so that people can make intelligent choices for a better tomorrow.


With this course, we are aiming for intelligent people to make intelligent choices for their businesses. This requires careful consideration, a desire for betterment and lastly the confidence that their choice will be a success.

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