Introduction to Body Language for Business

Confident Body Language for Freshers

Duration: 1 Day/6 Hours
Beginner Level


course components

  • Scope & Relevance of Body Language
  • Facial Expression, Gestures, Eye Contact
  • Postures & Movement
  • Voice Modulation
  • Non-Verbal Skills
  • Body Language for Zoom Calls

Course Brief

We don’t just train you to sit straight and push your shoulders back, we train you to think and feel confident.

Your body speaks louder whether you are speaking or not. It is constantly communicating your thoughts and emotions to the people around you. Just like verbal language, Body Language is a powerful tool.

Everything starts from the breath. If you understand how your breath works, you can control and change situations to get the desired results for business gains.

Simply straightening your back and setting your mobile aside can help you focus 2 times more on the task at hand. With this course, you will learn to put these tricks into action while gaining new work, new clients or even a salary hike.

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