Productive & Transformational Soft Skills for Executives

Use Soft Skills to Manage Teams and Secure Promotions

Duration: 2 Days/12 Hours
Executive Level


course components

  • Power of Communication
  • Voice & Body Language
  • Managing Teams and Team Building
  • Manage Expectations
  • Deals and Negotiations
  • Taking Ownership
  • Positioning for a Promotion
  • What is ‘Leadership’?

Course Brief

As executives need to manage their work and achieve better, soft skills provide that much-needed support improving the interaction with colleagues and seniors.

As beginners rise on the corporate ladder, it becomes important to enhance their skill set on an all-round basis to encourage a healthy work culture.

At the executive level, an employee has more power and responsibilities. To ensure the smooth running of a team in a company, they need to know how to maximize their skills and resources so that it is mutually beneficial.

Executives are empowered to steer away from ‘not-my-job’ syndrome and take ownership of the job role effectively. They are trained to handle deals and negotiations along with team management.


There is a saying ‘When a good manager leaves, her/his team follows’, this is the impact a skilled executive has on their team. They foster good communication, a human bond and most importantly a healthy work-life balance.


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