Good Body Posture for Seated Work and WFH

Understand Basics Body Posture for Comfort During Work Hours

Duration: 90 mins 
All Levels


course components

  • Learn Basic of Body Posture, Anatomy and Balance
  • Stretching and Other exercises
  • Overall Improvement of Physical Posture
  • Better Health

Course Brief

The Trainer will teach participants about the basics of Body Posture, Anatomy and Balance along with stretching exercises that can be practiced daily for better health. Ideally, by the end of the workshop, the participants have learnt what it means to sit comfortably, such that they have less back/neck/shoulder problems from the WFH set-up. They will also learn a few simple stretches they can do through the day - each stretch would take a maximum of 30 seconds, meaning they could do it without really interrupting their day, but can experience overall improvement in physical wellness during their work.

Good Body posture not only keeps us away from aches and pains but also builds confidence and increases efficiency while working.

The trainer will lead the participant through the basic understanding of anatomy and  also provide simple 30-second exercises that will help people in Office or WFH set-up.

A participant will have learnt to sit comfortably by the end of the workshop, relieving stress from the participants body and creating overall improvement in their physical wellness during work hours.

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