Dynamic Communication Skills

Tailor your Business Communication with Intelligence and Ease

Duration: 2 Days/12 Hours


course components

  • Basics of Communication
  • Real World VS Digital Communication
  • Power of Voice & Body Language
  • Joy and Pain of Communicating
  • Talking with Ease
  • Intelligence and Ease
  • Issues with Communication
  • Mock Scenarios

Course Brief

Leaders need to delegate and communicate with effectiveness. They need to be able to negotiate and tackle situations based on these skills, we train our participants with this clear goal in mind.

At an executive level, intelligent communication is not just a tool but a key to success. In this course, we guide you through the various modes of communication to help you navigate them with ease.

Communication doesn’t just lie in your words, it starts from your very breath, thought, eye contact, voice, body language, gestures, and actions. This course is created to help you use the aforementioned to your advantage to provide optimal results.

‘Listening so that people communicate with you and talking so that people listen’, sounds simpler on paper. Both these skills are hard to find even in leaders. With exercises, tools and mock sessions the course ensures we pass this key skill.


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