Team-Building and De-stress through Story-Telling

Video-call Team Activity that Relaxes and Rejuvenates Participants

Duration: 90 mins 
All Levels
Number of Participants: 5 to 15 (ideally from an existing team)


course components

  • Storytelling
  • Individual Responsibility in a Team
  • Overall Improvement of Physical Posture
  • Better Health

Course Brief

The task given is very simple: the group as a whole, is telling a story. Each person must say only one sentence at a time. The group decides certains rules for better teamwork and understanding. The participants are carefully guided through the process of storytelling with the help of the trainer and group decisions.

This game helps inculcate a sense of responsibility to the team; while each person may shine with a particularly interesting/funny/explosive sentence, the real value added is to the story as a whole.

With the guidance of the trainer certain decisions are made to complete the story, when every participant is in agreement with these rules and understands their role and responsibility in the process of storytelling they become better team players.

This game is not only a team-building game but also a de-stresser. It helps teams bond over similar, funny, wacky ideas that bring about a cheerful and better work environment. 

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