Sales Skills for Mentors and Leaders

Mentoring and Individual Effectiveness to Build Profitable Sales Teams

Duration: 1 Day/8 Hours
Leadership Level


course components

  • Need & Plan for Mentorship
  • Mutual Respect and Trust
  • Performance Improvement
  • Individual Performance Analysis
  • Inspiration for Positive Sales Performance

Course Brief

A team leader needs to understand the pressures of the team and help them navigate their sales processes to achieve targets.

A sales team is always under high stress, constantly reaching targets, a mentor or leader helps take away the pressure and puts company goals over targets to help them see things in perspective.

With components like Individual Performance Analysis, Performance Improvement and Inspiration for Positivity, a Sales Team is bound to work with more enthusiasm knowing that they and their work is valuable to the business, company or start-up.

The benefits of this training are two-fold. One; the team leader or mentor understands the depth and analysis required to keep teams motivated. Two; teams themselves are motivated to achieve their individual targets leading to a company achieving their quarterly, half-yearly or annual goals.

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