Persuasive Body Language for Leaders

Learn to Communicate Authority with Powerful Body Language

Duration: 2 Days/12 Hours
Leadership Role


course components

  • Find your Inner Beast
  • Owning a Room
  • Facial Expressions, Gestures, Eye Contact
  • Posture and Movement
  • How to Read Negative Body Language?
  • What is your Character as a Leader?
  • Maintaining a Sense of Self
  • Riaz Process

Course Brief

Good leaders focus on the performance of their team, in this course we lay emphasis on a leader’s body and mind, so that they can achieve the best results for everyone including them.

Leaders must gain familiarity, admiration, and trust in a matter of seconds. This can only happen if they know what emotions their body is expressing and can navigate it with comfort.

With the help of breath, a leader can steer his emotions to get the desired results. We also take our leaders through case studies of historical, current, and mythological leaders to give them a broader understanding.

In this course, we train leaders to navigate difficult situations and lead teams and companies to success because it is only a leader who knows what is the next step for the team, in good and bad scenarios. 

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