Communicating with Confidence for Beginners

Introduction to Clear, Painless, and Effective Communication Skills

Duration: 1 Day/6 Hours
Beginner Level


course components

  • What Stops us from Communicating with Confidence?
  • What is the Purpose of Communication?
  • Power of Communication
  • Setting, Context and Audience
  • Negative Communication and Objection
  • Power of Voice & Body Language
  • Mock Scenarios

Course Brief

Clear communication solves half the problems in a workplace; this course further aims to make communication painless and effective.

Unclear, chaotic messaging creates a stressful work environment and costs the company lakhs of rupees to resolve issues. Whether it’s an email, a WhatsApp message, or a job, clear communication can solve thousands of tiny issues and save the company from disasters.


Your voice, body language, gestures and actions play as much of an important role as your medium of presentation. Together they form a support system to guide your audience.

The art of communication lies in the details. In this course, we provide you with mock sessions that will help clear doubts and encourage participants to be confident in similar scenarios.

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