Introduction to Retail Sales Training

Acing Retail Sales in Indian Brick and Mortar Stores

Duration: 1 Day/8 Hours
Executive Level


course components

  • Cleaning, Storing, Presentation
  • Product Knowledge and Stocking
  • Talking to Strangers
  • Understanding Customer Needs and Value of the Product
  • Customer Relationship
  • Managing Stalling of Purchase and Objections
  • Recommendations and Solutions
  • Using Motivating Language
  • Closing a Sale

Course Brief

To improve customer service and revenues in retail stores, it becomes very important for salespersons to understand key subjects that can enhance their performance.

Everyone knows how to arrange but not organise, everyone knows how to talk but not communicate, everyone knows how to buy but not sell. No matter what level of education your sales team belongs to, we train them to achieve their individual best.

Most training is available for high-ticket products and services, but we believe every sale is a good sale. Through organised shelving, good communication and a positive sales attitude, your walk-ins to the retail brick and mortar store increase.

A good and empowered sales team can convert clients every day. Whether you are in the product or service industry, achieving a loyal customer is the best form of word-of-mouth, which in turn brings in more business.

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